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Food Review: Not Your Ordinary Pizza of Steveston Pizza

I'm a pizza lover. I even worked in Pizza company way back before because I want to know how they are made. So when I got a chance to attend a pizza food tasting event, hell yes, I didn't hesitate.

Steveston Pizza named from one of the village in Vancouver Canada and did you know that Steveston Pizza holds the Most Expensive Pizza in Guinness World of Record? Nader Hadami (owner) created a $850 (P40,000) worth of pizza packed with tiger prawns, lobster ratatouille, smoked Chilean steelhead, Russian caviar and a blanketing of white Italian truffles. That's really a very expensive pizza. Steveston Pizza Philippines is the official licensee of Steveston Pizza Canada.


They have three branches here in the Philippines, UP Town Center, Tomas Morato and Circuit Lane. This year of July they opened a new branch at Corinthian Garden Clubhouse in the populous Quezon City. Packed with high-speed wifi and strong mobile connectivity, the restaurant is the perfect place for busy college students or freelancers looking to get their work done without perky distractions.

Me and my college friend/bloggerfriend Amor of

I'm loving every corner and space of this restaurant. The place is well-cleaned, not overdecorated, has ideal conditioning system, convenient parking space, and relaxing ambiance. Though the location is quite hard to find, it's still worth of your visit. But like what the Canadian Ambassador Neil Reeder said during the opening, "The luckiest people right now are the 600 residents of (Corinthian) village who get to walk the street and have this pizza."


Marguerite Zero
This is not your ordinary pizza. Look how enormous it's size. Steveson Pizza offers 30 variants of one size, 12 inches pizza with toppings described as abundant, fully loaded and overflowing. Marguerite Zero topped with roasted garlic, anchovies, sweet caramelized onions, capers and argula. This perfectly seasoned delicacy is slathered only the freshest tomatoes, giving it a feisty burst of flavor as the anchovies and mozarella cheese create a mouthwatering contrast of salty and savoury. Cost of pizza is P499.

In photo: Richard Go (CEO); credit Business Mirror
Aside from Marguerite Zero, Mr. Richard Go offered us the 4 best sellers pizzas. All their pizzas use premium and fresh ingredients, no processed food, no condiments needed plus crust is fluffy and chewy. Which is why they are unique with other Pizza restaurant. Mr. Go said they are raising the bar for preparing pizzas and their strategy is different from other similar players. They prepare their pizza one at a time so it's not commercial. They prepare it only when the customer order and then they have a sequence of layering the different ingredients with perfect balance and harmony.

I was a bit late so I didn't get some decent shot of pizzas. My excitement to taste all the pizzas was all over the place, so I took the nearest one which is Blue packed with rosemary smoked bacon, honey-glzed yam, fresh pineapple and feta cream sauce. If you're not a fan of blue cheese, this is not for you. It's prize is P899.

Credit: Claire of
One of my favorite is Princess. It is in a list of the world's most accurately named platters. Embellished with the finest crab meat, tiger prawns, and shrimp, the crustacean combo sparks a seafood explosion at the very tip of your tounge. With it's tantalizing salty taste, it's no wonder why everyone's bowing down to this majestic meal. Prize: P1899.

When it comes to pizza I want to have lots of meat so this Caveman goes to my top pizzas of all the pizza I've ever tasted. Loaded with pepperoni, genoa salmon, back bacon, lean beef, and capocolli, it's pretty much impossible not to give in to the animal in you when this meat mania is practically begging to be your next victim. Prize of pizza is P899.

Credit: zomato
Japanese pizza packed with wasabi-scented teriyaki chicken breast, enoki-mushroos, and sesame seaweed (no tomato sauce). Cost of pizza: P899.


They also offer beverage, coffee, apple cider, and tea perfect for any type of pizza they have.

Mocha Coffee P129; Mango Passion Smoothie

Mocha Hazelnut Smoothie: Salted Caramel Smoothie

Don't forget to order their icecream. They have one of the best flavors of icecream. Not too sweet, perfect balance of flavor, and made of fresh and natural ingredients. I love all of them but I guess my favorite is salted caramel, avocado and mocha.

Home made icecream. Salted caramel-Matcha Tea-Mocha; Avocado-Langka-Strawberry


Overall, I went home satisfied especially my tummy. If you are tired eating the same pizza flavor (we always order at mall or store), I highly recommend Steveston Pizza. Price-wise, it's a lot expensive than the other competitor but the quality, taste, appearance, and serving is worth every centavos. Visit them on one of their 3 branches.

Steveston Pizza

Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse 1110, Quezon City
UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave, Diliman, Quezon City
Circuit Makati, Fortuna, Makati
Delivery Number: (02) 423-9844
Facebook: Steveston Pizza
Instagram: Steveston Pizza

Staycation At Canyon Woods Residential

It's been a long time since we had a family vacation so this really excites me. Actually, that day, I don't have any idea where are we going, basta sabi lang ng parents ko sa Tagaytay. My Tita and Tito are celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary. Sinabay na din ang celebration ng lahat ng August celebrants. I guess, ganon naman tayong mga Pinoy diba, pinagsasabay sabay na naten lahat ng occassion para makatipid.

May bagyo ng mga panahon na yan, pero di pa din kame nagpatinag na umalis. It was a 2 hour drive from Manila at medyo mahirap bumyahe dahil paakyat ng bundok etong Canyon Woods. But as you can see, it's worth it. Tanaw na tanaw namen ang Taal lake.

 We arrived there at noon and it's a good thing my mother cooked some lunch kasi malayo ang palengke from this place. Pinakamalapit na palengke ay sa may Sky Ranch. So my tips to all parents who are travelling with their family, make sure to pack meals in case na mastuck sa traffic or like us malayo ang market. Nakakagutom pati bumyahe.

Nakakamesmerize ang mga bahay sa Canyon Woods. They all have different structures and ang lawak ng residential club. Layo layo lahat ng bahay. You'll think na kayo kayo lang andun sa lugar na yun. Anyway, it's perfect for large numbers of family to play outdoor games. Pwede din siyang pang team building.

The house is really big for us. Kumpleto din sa gamit especially the kitchen utensils.

There are three rooms upstair, 4 beds, and I guess 8 foam mattress so kahit 50 person kayang iaccommodate ng house na ito. 2 bathrooms upstair and 1 bathroom downstair kaya for sure walang mag-aagawan sa pagligo or pag gamit ng banyo. There's also one room beside the kitchen. 

There's no aircon kasi di na kailangan. The temperature of the place is cool enough. Mapresko, malamig at masarap ang simoy ng hangin. This is what we all urban people miss. Life outside the busy and polluted city.

While waiting sa mga namalengke, me, husband and Prince stroll around the area. Napansin ko lang na madaming pataas at pababa sa lugar na to kaya medyo mahirap maglibot libot.

Some father and son bonding moments.

That time, medyo dumidilim na ang ulap and may mga konting patak ng ulan kaya bumalik na kami sa bahay.

And after a few hours, dinner is ready! Kahit ano pang nakahain sa lamesa sasarap basta sama sama kumaen ang pamilya. We really enjoyed this staycation, yun nga lang nagexpect ako na we will tour around Tagaytay. But due to bad weather, we stayed inside the house. I'm not sure how much we rent this house, kasi nalibre lang kame, but I heard it's P4,500 for 1 day and 1 night.

So that's it, I'll end this post with our #fambam photo. I hope you enjoyed your weekend like we did. Thanks for dropping by!

An Interactive Watercolor Class At Crafter's Marketplace

Crafter's Marketplace is very generous for sharing their knowledge in arts and craft. I've attended one of their workshop, the Polymer Art Clay Class and I couldn't be more excited when I was invited for Watercolor Class.

Our instructor Ian de Jesus, graduated Magna Cum Laude in Fine Arts at The University of the East taught us the different type of brushes on the first part of our workshop. I learned there are round brush, flat brush, angled brush, 3/4 brush, rigged brush use for signature, mop brush uses natural hair and a lot of different brushes we can use for watercolor. The most common brush are round brush. You can say it's a round brush if the head is being rounded towards the base and slimming down to a point at the tip. You may notice there are flat head which they call flat brush.

Watercolor usually uses big brushes to hold water. The most common watercolor palette in the Philippines is Faber Castell because it easily dry. However, once it dries you can reactivate again the watercolor.

Ian also showed us some artworks made from watercolor.

Did you know that Isaac Newton made the color wheel? Yes, he did. He used the color wheel to measure the distance of the stars.

Color wheel and the round brush
Another trivia, if you notice Faber Castell has three colors. It means red for kids or beginners, blue for hobbyist and gray for professional.

Let's move to our watercolor class. In this workshop, we used 5 materials. The watercolor, of course, brush, a piece of Oslo paper, mixing pallette and water.

The first activity we did is creating our own color wheel. We simply add colors according to what Ian instructed us to do. After that, we combined and connected the colors.

This is how it looks like. Mine was a disaster. So I took a photo of the other mommy blogger instead. She really did wonderfully.

Credit to Mommy Malot of
For the next activity, we taught different techniques. We learned wet on wet, wet on dry, graded and variegated washes and drip on point.

After learning techniques, we now applied it using the coloring book. Watercolor is so easy to do and one of its advantages is we can lighten or darken the color depending on how much water or pigment we put on. It's so easy to correct and layover mistakes.

We didn't finish coloring that cute turtle. We just make ourselves comfortable with watercolor. After that, we move to another activity wherein we made our own artwork.

Look at that! In just a few strokes you can create an artwork you can use for a postcard, or greeting card even a thank you card. I wish I knew this before. This can be a perfect thank you tag for Prince's 1st birthday.

This is also one of our activity. This time we used nature.

Lastly, we did a flower crown with our initials or name on it. Mine looks like a mess but I'm very proud I made something like this.

Our colorful mess
I won set of pens from Faber Castell. Thanks Faber. I will never run out of pens again.
Thank you Crafter's Marketplace for giving us a chance to learn the art of watercolor and for this cute black notebook with matching pen.

Check them on facebook, they have a lot of workshops happening every month. Let me end this post with our group picture.

Mommy bloggers, Ian and Miss Alma of Crafter's Marketplace.
Photo credit from May Palacpac of
Crafter's Marketplace
located at Rustan’s Grocery, Lower Level, Shangri-la Mall, Edsa
Facebook page:
Email Address:

Pigeon Only Moms Breastfeeding Advocacy Campaign + Giveaway

It’s long been studied and proven that the benefits of breastfeeding are unmatched by any other. As a brand with the mission of supporting the joys and challenges of parenthood, Pigeon recently launched its Only Moms Breastfeeding Advocacy to celebrate the unique and phenomenal ability of moms to breastfeed their babies.

I was so lucky to be part of this campaign where Pigeon reached out to numerous moms and moms-to-be at their recent Only Moms Breastfeeding Event at the 3rd Floor of SM Makati last August 20. It was actually a week-long event with fun activities, breastfeeding solutions booths, and amazing prizes for participants, just in time for Breastfeeding Month.

One of the Pigeon's booth in SM Makati
Moms and dads learned more about why breastfeeding is indeed #BestFeeding, both in terms of health and practicality, while everyone else gained better understanding and appreciation of what breastfeeding moms go through to better help and support them.

Pigeon Gentle Fit Breastshield has air-tight ring firming any type of breast. With air-tight, it can pump different stimulation modes to produce milk glands. It can be switched from simulation mode to express mode. Electric Breast Pumps are also available—the Portable and Pro—and these are perfect for on-the-go moms or those who like to customize their breast expression experience.

The event was made more enriching with tips and advice about breastfeeding solutions by certified parenting and lactation expert, Abbie Yabot. Richwell Phils Inc., COO, Maye Yao Co Say shared her own insights about why breastfeeding should be given more importance. While Pigeon Brand Ambassador, Shamcey Supsup-Lee, was able to lend a relatable voice for new moms like her going through their own breastfeeding journey.

Abbie Yabot shares tips how mommies can perfectly latch their babies. The baby must be facing the mommy, tummy to tummy. Help babies to open their mouth with clean hands to take their nipple. Check 5 signs of a good latch.

1. Cheeks are rounded.
2. The lip should be down. Aim the nipple toward the baby’s upper lip/nose, not the middle of the mouth.
3. Baby shows swallowing and gulping. Remember to keep your baby’s ear, shoulder, and hip in alignment, which will make swallowing easier.
4. Part of areola should be into the mouth of your baby. His nose is slightly away from your breast.
5. When your baby comes off the breast, the nipple is not flattened.

One of the breastfeeding mom's struggle is nipple soreness. May Yao says, don't feel pressured and don't wait for it to get sore. Let your nipple rest and don't worry for inverted nipples. She recommended Pigeon's nipple puller for inverted nipples. It has nipple shield that soothes the breast.

According to Shamcey, eating lots of malunggay, having soup, and power pumping every three hours are some of the things she does to make sure she produces more milk. “I’m just glad that I get help from Pigeon in terms of providing me with what I need when I encounter difficulties,” Shamcey pointed out.

She continued, “The breast pump is great because I can continue to make sure I have enough for Nyke even when I’m not always with her. And my mother-in-law bought me the nipple cream. I recommend for moms to invest in nipple cream. When you’re breastfeeding, it’s really going to hurt so you’ll need all the help you can get,” she advised.

Despite the challenges of breastfeeding, Shamcey managed. “We don’t want our baby to get sick. Nothing can really replace breastmilk. They’ve not been able to make a formula that can mimic what breastmilk can do for the baby,” she concluded.

Abbie encouraged moms further to keep on breastfeeding despite the challenges because there are solutions, “Yes, there are challenges that can be quite daunting, but there are good solutions. And that’s what Pigeon emphasizes,” she said. “For moms who feel like they are not producing enough milk, it’s actually helpful to just keep breastfeeding and pumping. The more milk you express, the more your body will produce. It’s also best to use a breast pump to keep the milk flowing,” Abbie added.

And while moms with newborn infants are the main audience of the breastfeeding advocacy and event, Pigeon sees a larger and more inclusive need to drive awareness on its importance. Statistics here in our country show a major lack of support and encouragement for moms to breastfeed. By educating more people about this, Pigeon is aiming to help build a stronger support system – that includes dads, family, and friends – for moms who are going through the journey, as well as the infants whose health and well-being is top priority.

“We’d like to encourage everyone to be breastfeeding advocates, because our support plays a crucial part in mom and baby’s breastfeeding journey,” Maye concludes.

In celebration of Breastfeeding Awareness Month, I'm giving away Pigeon's gift pack to one of my lucky readers. The winner will win:

 5 pcs 20 ml travel size Pigeon Liquid Cleanser
 18 pcs of Pigeon breast pads honeycomb
 1 Pigeon baby wipes (82 pcs)
 1 Pigeon peristatic plus nursing bottle (160 ml)
 1 Pigeon baby wash 2 in 1 (700 ml)

Just follow the steps below:

1. Like Pigeon's facebook.
2. Like Lady's Motherhood Fan Page.
3. Share this on facebook, post "I joined Lady's Motherhood Journey giveaway!" Make sure to tag my fan page and your post must be public.
5. Comment down below why breastfeeding is bestfeeding. Leave your full name and email address.

Note: This is open until August 31, 2016. I will announce the winner on September 1. Shipping fee will be shouldered by the winner.

Easy peasy right? Goodluck and share this to all mommies and mom-to-be.