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My First Ultrasound

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October 15, 2014

From my last post, I mentioned that I set an appointment before leaving the clinic. And that should be October 11, however they cancelled it because there's no OB-Gyne that time. So I decided to choose a hospital kung saan sa tingin ko ako manganganak at doon na lang magpacheck-up para namomonitor din ako. Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital ang nirecommend sakin since I am in a very tight budget, doon na daw ang pinakamurang service. Since, cancelled ang appointment ko sa Medicard, nagpunta na ako sa Lourdes Hospital. Good thing at may kakilala akong kasabayan kong magbuntis kaya pinili ko yung OB-Gyne niya para sabay kami magpacheck up. That day I met Dra. Sese. sa unang tingin at unang check-up ko pa lang alam ko na na magaling siya. She gave me a request to have Transvaginal Ultrasound. There are also laboratory tests na dapat gawin within one month. Below are my list:

  • CBC (Complete Blood Count)
  • Urinalysis
  • FB (Fasting Blood Sugar)
  • HBsAg
  • Anti-HIV
Mahal magpalaboratory test. Nasa 2K-3K ang magagastos mo. As I can remember, I only paid around 1K for the laboratory tests. What I did is, I went to Medicard Clinic at dun ako nagpalaboratory test. Hindi cover ng card ko ang pregnancy but since member ako I think my discount siya. I'm not sure, pero buti na lang at may ganito. So kung may work ka and regular ka, you should have a medical card from your company. It can also provide free consultation sa OB-Gyne.

Dumating na yung araw na nakaschedule ako sa ultrasound. Since bago pa lang ako sa ganito, wala akong alam kung saan may murang ultrasound kaya dun na lang namin napili sa Lourdes Hospital. P1,227 ang cost ng ultrasound kasama na dun yung fee ng sonographer. Mahal na siya kung may alam kang ultrasound na mas mura.

Hesitant pa ako magpaultrasound that time kasi akala ko 1 month pa lang akong buntis. Irregular kasi ako kaya di ko namomonitor ang menstruation ko. You can take transvaginal ultrasound around 7-8 weeks. Pag masiyadong maaga, hindi pa siya nakikita sa ultrasound, masasayang lang ang pera mo. But my boyfriend insisted that we need to check the status of the baby so we did.

Kung tatanungin mo ako kung anong feeling ng unang ultrasound? Nakakaamaze, nakakatuwa and nakakainspire. Nakakaamaze na may tumitibok sa loob ng uterus mo and that's your baby. Nakakatuwa na makita na buhay na buhay siya at nakakainspire kasi you have motivation to do everything that you can do para mapabuti siya at maging good ang condition niya sa loob. Kung baga, you have a big responsibility to act maturely and as a parent since you are carrying a fetus inside of your body. Dalawa na kayo na nasa iisang katawan.

Nakakatuwa din makita ang expression ng partner mo during ultrasound. Like he is imagining all the good things for our baby while looking for that beating heart. Tibok pa lang nakikita niya pero kakaibang saya na yung nararamdaman niya and that is priceless. Nashock kami nung sinabi ng doctor na 8 weeks na siya. Wala kasi akong mga symptoms na nararamdaman nung mga previous days aside sa pananakit ng tiyan ko.

When I go back to my OB-Gyne, she said that everything is normal. She advised me to drink one glass of milk everyday of any brand I want which is Anmum Chocolate. She also gave me a prescription for vitamins. Below are my list of vitamins.

  • Folimax - Folic Acid plays an important role in the production of red blood cells and helps your baby's neural tube develop into her brain and spinal cord.
  • Clusivol OB - Multivitamins is your daily dosage of essential vitamins that your body will need.
  • Anmum Chocolate - offers a full range of nutritional milk products specially formulated to meet the needs of mothers and the changing needs of their young children.

Siyempre for full protection madami ding mga bawal like softdrinks, foods with preservatives especially instant foods, junk foods, alcoholic drinks, too much sugar and too much salty. Pregnant women should take a balance diet and more nutritional foods. Don't take any medicine unless the doctor prescribed. Check with your OB-Gyne first before taking any drugs.

I had this record book that I bring every check up ko sa OB para mamonitor yung bloodpressure ko, weight, diagnosis, and heartbeat ni baby. Madami din siyang other contents and guide tips para sa pregnancy.

So this is it. My journey of being a mother starts here :)

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