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October 2, 2014

I've been experiencing stomach cramps/stomachache for three days. Kakaiba yung sakit niya, hindi nawawala kahit ininuman ko na ng pain reliever. Isa pang kakaiba dito is pakiramdam ko nagugutom ako pero pag kumaen naman ako hindi siya nawawala. So today, I decided not to go to work and seek for medical check up. I went straight to Medical City since my medicard naman ako, and nakasanayan ko ng dun pumunta palagi pag may sakit ako aside from Medicard Clinic sa Ortigas. Gusto ko din malaman kasi kung kelangan ba akong maconfine for further examination.

Nakarating na ako sa Medical City, and while looking for the designated location of medicard clinic inside the hospital, my boyfriend (which is my husband na ngayon) called me to get pregnancy test first. My number one rule when doing pregnancy test is gagawin ko lang siya pag kasama yung boyfriend ko kasi di ko alam gagawin ko pag positive yung result. So naginsist ako na ayoko talagang magpregnancy test. Kaso mapilit at medyo tumataas na boses ng boyfriend ko kaya naman napabili na ako ng pregnancy test (This is my very first time though I tried several times na. My boyfriend always buy the pregnancy test.)

So I went to the nearest bathroom, read the instruction then did the pregnancy test. At first isang linya lang nakikita ko na malinaw, pero pag tinitignan ko yung box, yung red line nakatapat dun sa positive. Parang ganito siya.

Which is confusing kasi isang red line lang malinaw. I called my boyfriend and told him the result. He told me that the result is positive without a doubt. Ako naman di ko pa matanggap, sabi ko baka may mali sa ginawa ko. Tsaka hapon na kasi nun, lagi kong iniisip umaga lang siya dapat. So I get back to my original plan, kaso wala daw akong access dun sa clinic ng Medical City so they advise me to go to the nearest medicard clinic which is at Royale Parc Ortigas. I grab a taxi and on my way I checked again the pregnancy test and OMG! Parehong red line na yung malinaw. I called my boyfriend again and told him about it. He said, "Positive nga yan Boss" (Boss is our term of endearment.)

Kabadong kabado ako nung time na yun. I arrived at Medicard Clinic, the doctor asked me several question why my stomach is aching. She even asked me if I think I am pregnant. I lied to her. I said, I know I am not. She checked my stomach and she said "Di mo ba napansin na parang tumigas yung tiyan mo?" I said, "Hindi po." Then the doctor advised me to do pregnancy test at that very moment before she could advise me any drugs. So I did and after a few minutes ago, the assisting nurse at desk called me. Tandang tanda ko pa sinabi niya, "Maam Laconsay, eto na po yung result. Expecting po ba?" Parang nablanko ako nung time na yun. Di ko alam gagawin ko. Pagkakuha na pagkakuha ko nung result na nasa papel hinanap ko kaagad and TADAN! POSITIVE nga. I cried so hard inside the clinic while waiting for the result of CBC and medical certificate. Nasa isang sulok ako tapos iyak ako ng iyak habang kausap ko yung boyfriend ko sa phone. I'm just 22 years old and my parents will sue me if they'll know about this.

Anyway, there's nothing that we can do just to accept it. Kasalanan ko din naman eh. The OB advised me to get an appointment and an ultrasound to check if I am having a problem with my pregnancy. It is not usual to have abdominal cramps and there's a chance I am having Ectopic Pregnancy. I set an appointment then leave the Medicard Clinic. I am still shocked with everything and I really don't know what to do at that time. But deep inside me, I am so happy that I am capable of bearing a child and I am having one inside my tummy. I'd never think of it as a disaster but a blessing from God.

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  1. Nakakatuwa naman ang story mo. I am sure during the time it was happening, it was scary, perhaps confusing even. Pero it has been a while already and I suppose you could always look back to this post and genuinely smile and see the humor.

    Congratulations and good luck with your baby.

  2. Thanks for sharing valuable post with us.
    All child are unique.